Greenhouse Gardening All Year Long

Greenhouses are essential for the commercial grower to keep pace with the demand from garden centers and floral distributors. But they are also a great boon for the home gardener, allowing for an extended growing season for all climates. A garden can conjure up thoughts of summer flowers and fall harvests made abundant with the variety of vegetable seeds and flower seeds planted in the spring. There certainly is no shortage to the selection of vegetable and flower seeds to be found in nurseries, garden centers and free seed catalogs making any gardener wanting to garden all the year through.

In some areas of the country the growing season isn’t always as long as would be preferred, this is when having a greenhouse can be helpful. They allow you to garden all year long if properly heated in the cold and cooled in the warmer months. They can be found in a wide variety of sizes and designs some of which include; portable greenhouses (collapsible), galvanized steel bases to withstand all weather, mini-greenhouses, hobby greenhouses and larger greenhouses. Some greenhouse accessories can include window openers, watering systems, solar vents, gardening tables, plant rings (for hanging plants), shutter fans and gardening benches.

With that said there are some who equipped with their selection of garden accessories, vegetable and flower seeds that choose to garden all year long with the assistance of a garden greenhouse. Greenhouse gardening is a wonderful way to garden all year long, it is however not without it’s challenges as the greenhouse will have to be properly heated in the cold and if used in the summer properly cooled.

There are generally three types of greenhouses to include cold, cool and warm which refers to the inside nightly temperatures of the greenhouse. A cool greenhouse (most often used for frost sensitive plants) is heated to a minimum temperature of 45 degrees F, whereas a warm greenhouse (used to maintain exotic plants and most vegetable and flower seeds plants) is kept at a minimum temperature of 55 degrees F.

Instead of purchasing a greenhouse from a garden center or free seed catalogs you can build your own provided you research beforehand to ensure it will be efficient. Greenhouses are usually heated with gas, oil or propane. Equipped with a properly heated greenhouse, the right garden accessories and your selection of vegetable and flower seeds you can enjoy and benefit from your garden all year long.